Something most people from the forties and fifties remember well are those shiny red pedal cars that your younger siblings, or yourself, had hours of fun it. Wouldn’t you want to give your child or grandchild that passtime on wheels? 

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Wake Up Little Susie | The Everly Brothers
Released in 1957

Definitely a song most of us Baby Boomers could relate to!

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Bobby Darin - Hits Medley (Splish Splash, Beyond the Sea, Artificial Flowers, Clementine)

A mesh of all the good old songs from the Pedal Car days! 

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Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey - bobby Darin

Great song! Better get home Bill Bailey before your mom finds you ran away in your Pedal Car! 

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Have you ever found yourself marveling over those classy, robust pedal cars for kids, which now seemingly exist only in classic movies? Some decades ago, those types of ride-on toys were the ultimate year round toy for kids. But now, it seems that all there is are plastic toys, electronic gadgets and electric pedal cars for kids to enjoy. If you ever chance upon a ride-on toy, the disappointment racks up when you see that it is built with plastic that is not as durable as their metal and steel counterparts. 

Aside from the fact that some toy manufacturers use plastic that are harmful for your kids, they can also be a huge threat to your child’s safety when riding the toy. Imagine the disappointment on your little boy’s or little girl’s face upon seeing his or her pedal car crack and break into pieces once it is sat on after a short time of use. Now, our retro reproduction pedal carsnot only equate fun with good exteriors but with definitive safety as well. That is just one of the reasons why you should opt for a pedal ride toy that is made of durable steel for your next Christmas present. If you think that suchpedal cars would not match the good looks of its plastic version, then you got it all wrong. Our classic ride -on -toys resemble that of the ’55 classic pedal car and ’32 Ford Roadster 

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No song could match our business like this song! 


Nostalgia Certified!